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Welcome to the St. Stephens Indian School website.  We are a K-12 school, funded by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), servicing the needs of the St. Stephens community.  St. Stephens provides our student with breakfast and lunch. If there are any question about our meal program, academic program, sports and more please feel free to contact our school at 307-856-4147.

Vision Statement

All students will be provided a safe, success-oriented, culturally-responsive educational environment which will develop responsible, respectful, productive, and well-adjusted individuals in an ever-changing world.

Mission Statement

To walk with dignity, knowledge, and wisdom

Our Philosophy

We at St. Stephens Indian School believe in the simple philosophy of life that has sustained the Indian people through the centuries;

"To walk with dignity, knowledge, and wisdom, to live in harmony with earth and everything on it, to acknowledge with thanks the Great Spirit."

We believe that St. Stephens Indian School exists first and foremost for teaching and learning.  Our students will be taught the techniques for living and leadership in modern society within a curriculum framework, which includes the art language and beliefs of American Indian culture and heritage.  We believe that all students can learn provided with positive, success oriented, and safe environment.  Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community are equally important in the learning process.


St. Stephens Indian School is pleased to announce the district has met Adequate Yearly Progress, (AYP) the educational standards set by the Federal Department of Education and the Bureau of Indian Education.  AYP is part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act and holds schools accountable to students, parents, teachers, and the community.  The purpose of AYP is to ensure that all students have reading and math skills that prepare them for the future. 

Overall, a school either meets AYP or it does not.  Fortunately, there are many ways for schools to meet the criteria for AYP.  St. Stephens Indian School was able to meet AYP performance through a provision called Safe Harbor, which is a measurement of test improvement.  Safe Harbor is achieved when a subgroup has greatly improved since the previous year even though they have not met the state goal.  This past year, St. Stephens Students showed great success in the area of reading. 

While we are excited that our students made great gains in reading ability, we understand there are many more gains to be made.  St. Stephens Indian School is committed to using all our available resources to help our students achieve on grade level with all of our learning targets and show we can be competitive with any other school in the state.

St. Stephens Indian School, Education Association Incorporated

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St. Stephens, WY  82524

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